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Learning French at TII: Read French literature

Teachers' recommandations of the month:

Easy reading books Alex Leroc

The Alex Leroc series is an excellent way to start reading in French. These books are meant for French as foreign language adult learners.Although they are easy reading books, written at a fairly easy vocabulary level, the stories are interesting and contemporary. Alex Leroc is a French investigative journalist working in Brussels. Through his wide range of investigations you will encounter the worlds of art, music, cinema and travel through Belgium, France, Martinique and amongst others on the way.

We do have several books in the library that will match your language level: A1 ; A2 ; B1. The vocabulary is very accessible as the author often chooses words that share a root with English. Each book comes with a CD so after reading each chapter, listening to the CD is a good way to improve your listening skills and to memorize some vocabulary. An other good point is that each book ends with a set of activities related to the story, comprehension exercises, crosswords, role plays and oral and written exercises together with an answer key.

If you decide to borrow one of these books, your teacher will also be very glad to support you with this new adventure during his/her office hours. 

Graphic novels

Graphic novels called in French Bandes dessinées are a huge thing in Belgium and in France. In the library we offer a selection of classic titles so that you can find a pleasant and motivating occasion to read in French. 

If you don't feel ready for literature but still want to improve your reading skill...

Get a French classic in PDF