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Digital Humanities LibGuide: Recommended Tools

Recommended Tools


Textual and metadata management systems:

PRONOM/DROID - A file registry of formats maintained by the National Archives of the UK. A standard tool used for digital preservation and archives. Includes searching app DROID.

Omeka - a web publisher that specializes in museum, archives and scholarly content.

Oxygen - XML authoring and development tool.

Geospatial Analytical Systems:

ArcGISmap or ArcGISPro – a proprietary GIS product from ESRI. It is a standard software in the field of GIS and used by the government of Qatar in their GIS program.

QGIS – an open source and free desktop geographic information system [GIS] that provides data viewing, editing and analysis of geo-physical data.


Qualitative Analysis:

NVIVO 11 PLUS FOR WINDOWS – a proprietary qualitative data analysis tool that provides very deep levels of analysis on rich text based and multimedia information. Widely used in social science, anthropology, communication and sociology.

Atlas.ti – a proprietary qualitative data analysis program for unstructured data. It is widely used in anthropology, the Arts, sociology, events, and heritage.

Quantitative Analysis:

SPSS – a software package for statistical analysis used in the Social Sciences. Variants can include data mining, text analytics, and data collection via surveys.

R – an open code programming language and software for statistical computing and graphics. Used by statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software. A graphical front end is recommended.

Data Visualization:

GEPHI – an open source network analysis and visualization software. Can be used to analyze twitter network traffic and global connectivity of published material. It is widely used in the digital humanities.

Rhino3D – a proprietary 3d computer graphics and computer aided design program.

Programming language:

Python – if acquired as CPython, a free open source general level dynamic programming language. Intended to write clear and simple programs in both small and large scales. It is a cross platform product able to function in many operating systems. It has a large library app and community.

Digital Video Editing:

Final Draft


Scanning & Editing Texts & Images

Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Suite

Camtasia -  Mac/Windows software for recording screencasts and editing video. Videos can be sent directly to YouTube or integrated with Google Drive. Camtasia is the high end of a suite of screen capture products.