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House's Translation Quality Assessment Model Turned Back on Itself: Translation Quality and Terminology in Focus

By Ahmed R. Ghaly


Translation quality assessment (TQA) has garnered considerable attention, particularly at the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries. Juliane House’s revised TQA model is considered to be one of the most important models for assessing the quality of translation; however, a close look at the translation studies literature in Arabic demonstrates that TQA has not received due attention. Therefore, the present thesis seeks to contribute to this field by translating the revised version of House’s TQA model, with a view to making it available to Arab readers interested in translation studies in general and translation quality assessment in particular. Guided proactively by the principles and translation typology of House’s revised TQA model, the researcher translated from English into Arabic chapters six and twelve of Translation Quality Assessment: Past and Present, in which House presents her revised model. The critical commentary accompanying this translation addresses two main questions. The first question aims to explore the extent to which House’s TQA model can be proactively applied to produce an adequate translation of the model itself. The second revolves around the usefulness of using the principles of ISO 704: 2009 on terminology formation as a methodology for addressing terminological issues related to synonymy, polysemy, and the choice between calque and Arabization. The analysis conducted in this study shows that House’s TQA model can serve as a useful theoretical framework to produce an adequate translation of the model itself, even though it has some weaknesses, which are highlighted in the analysis. It also indicates that the principles of ISO 704:2009 can be an effective tool for addressing the types of terminological issues the researcher faced during the translation process.