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The University Writing Center (UWrite): Making an appointment

Making an appointment

AWARE Writing Centre: Making an appointment

You can make an appointment using our online booking system, WCONLINE.

When you make the appointment, you will have to select the type of assignment as well as the specific topic area you would like to focus on. It is important to be clear about what you want to accomplish during the session. This will help both you and the instructor.

Students have four options for 1-1 sessions:

  1. Face-to-face (conducted in the Academic Resource Centre).
  • Remember to bring a printed copy of the paper you want to work on.
  1. E-tutoring (attach a paper to your appointment on the booking system – the instructor will review this and return it to you via email).
  • Please note that each e-tutoring appointment is the same 50-minute duration as a face-to-face or synchronous online appointment. The instructor will cover as much of the paper as possible during this session, but this does not mean that an entire paper will be reviewed just because it has been attached to an appointment. Be aware that the review of any given paper may (and usually does) require multiple sessions.
  1. Synchronous Online appointment (using the booking service platform, WCONLINE, to work on the paper collaboratively with the instructor in real time).
  • For options 2 and 3, remember to attach a copy of the paper you want to work on when you make the appointment or at some point before it.

If you have not registered for an account, please go to and click on "register for an account."

You can also download our guide (below) on how to register and make appointments.